The project is composed by six parts of divided silicone sculptures.
These body like silicone sculptures started as one unit, with height measurements of approximately 170 cm, such as my own, and cut down to six different pieces. The parts that were made resembles body part of which I wanted to emphasize and are the nun-typical parts that are used in order to describe a women's body.
In this project I wanted to create an internal map of my body, I have created an abstract shape to each different organ in order to imply which parts are aligned in front of the viewer without naming them.
I chose to use silicone that is normally use to make molds as the main visible material. This silicone gives the sculptures a light pink body-like visibility, which gives the feeling of a body parts lay out but at the same time is very tempting to touch by its sweet pink and rubbery appearance.
However in order to create a repulsive feeling and emphasize the internal organs sensation I have used Linseed oil witch hid its visibility and gave a shining look which increased the temptation to touch but made a surprising repulsive oily feeling.
Some of the organs were accessible for touch however some were kept in a "preservation" containers symbolize the need to contain and hold an internal condition in which prevents my body to be able to fulfill its womanized purpose.
The abstract shapes prevent the sculptures from being related to any gender and tells a story of a nun functioning body organs of which may never be able to become one with its purpose. 

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