“Archaeological body”, 2018
Sculpture Metal base, Polyurethane foam, 20 kg of plasticine.
200 cm x 167 cm x 50 cm  

The following sculpture "Archaeological body" was presented with the series "figurine" as one exhibition project "finding".
At this step of the project I wanted to create a different approach of dominant falseness by using the complete opposite appearance. This high measurements colorful sculpture was created as a response to the figurine sculptures however the root of these actions are the same.
The figurine sculptures were influenced by the shape of body movement, poses and different parts of the body, creating new shapes in every beat, and as the body changes so does the shapes it creates. The figurines were fixated in a static position in order to match the state of mind of the preservation appearance displayed at museums, the Archaeological body was created from the same study of body movement, however it is no longs kept in the preserved static position.
The Archaeological body is a 200 centimeters high and made from 20 kilograms of plasticine. The plasticine noun for its abilities to quickly change its shape and noun for its colorful appearance, I chose to use the distinction qualities and created its appearance based on a specific fitness equipment resembles spine-like. The shape has been taken from a machine made to have an influence on the human body, and the plasticine material who is being influenced, by its nature, by the human body, makes the distinction of a constantly changing shapes.
Placing the sculptures together amplifies their contrast appearance and approach of materials, the one is "clean", static, hand measurements and mimics the natural appearance, the other higher than the average person, colorful, changeable and shows its industrialism, however both have the same root of organic natural body positions as well as presenting proudly the criticism of the non-real, industrial and questionable authenticity of today's modernism culture.  

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