Series “Findings", 2018
“Das” Sculptures, Cultured stones.
Digital photography
9 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm 

The project is composed by a series of 10 "figurine" statues, made of synthetic clay and industrial pebbles.
The "figurine" photos were taken in a way that characterizes and resembles the archaeological photography such as "sterile" visibility as made in the preservation archaeology world.
This kind of visibility gives the illusion of authentic and valuable findings that have lost their pigments and identity and left without their original purpose, when in fact the presentable figurines are completely synthetic and never have had any role in history.
The centered and repetitive nature of the photos allows the viewer to read the art work as a pattern of archaeological photograph. By doing so, I have undermined the authenticity of the findings that are presented today at museums and archives.
This kind of action brings up the questions about the value of the objects that have been presented today at museums, a remake that has non-historic value, made by modern materials and what is kept from the public, the authentic historic figurines, left to be preserved for the next generations, never to be seen.
This kind of action and the project implies a criticism about the loss of values and culture in today's modernism.   
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