Final Project Exhibition
"Rotten Formalin" 
sculpture, 2019.
 Terrarium glass, hair gel, plasticine, 
polyurethane foam and iron base.

This project is using a balanced illusion between a naturel and artificial materials, as well as perception about objects that are related to the naturel and scientifically world as one.
The statue is a combined with a glassed terrarium, hair gel and plasticine. All these materials are known in our lexicon but in many different ways, by linking them together I have created a different way to change the prospection of familiar object from our day to day life.
Terrarium is a glass container, usually containing soil and plants, however I have uproot the original meaning of the terrarium and it is now incubating and growing a plasticine sculpture. The plasticine is known to us as a playful material taken from children's world, but now is being used as a living organism, protected by a scientific container.
In the science world as well as the archive world, preservation is a main key in order to keep on studying and exploring, however in this project I have used hair gel as a substitute material to the preservation material known as "Formalin". Unlike "Formalin", the hair gel isn't meant for preservation, on the contrary, I has sped up the rotting and decay process by fermenting the materials together then encounter.
This action meant that this "living" organism has a borrowed time and is under the mercy of these industrial materials, and isn't going to survive the "preservation" and even has less existing time then the common plants usually preserved in the glassed terrarium.


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