Part of an Exhibition
“Archives”, 2018
Digital photography, Shackle ring
Printed 300 cm X 7 cm

The following project was the beginning towards the creation of a personal archive.
These four collaged photographs were presented at the exhibition Archives, presenting the ground base object's of my family archive, exposing the dismantling and assembly process.
The first photography object is made from photos taken by me and have never seen the light of day. These several photos were taken apart and only one strip was kept from each photo, this strip represent the "testing strip" that is taken from a photograph in the process of printing as a sample to test the color accuracy.
At the printing process the "testing strip" has no value after it has finished its purpose, however I didn’t want this point to be the testing strip last stop, and it had a secondary meaning for me.
On each strip there is only a particle of the original photograph, gathering several testing stripes from deferent photographs, creating a new object that is composed by non-meaning testing stripes, into a new object presenting all the photographs that were set apart from the "history of the winners". It is now a representation object of all my unseen archive photographs turned into full presentable collection.   

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